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The Election Commission of India, in its undertaking to enhance enrolment and right information blunders in the constituent moves for problem free decisions, has banded together with CSC SPV for conveyance of different discretionary enrollment structures and EPIC printing through CSCs. Up until this point, the Electoral Registration Management System (ERMS) of Tripura, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Haryana, and Maharashtra have been incorporated with Digital Seva Portal.

About : The Election Commission of India is a self-ruling protected specialist in charge of regulating race forms in India. The body controls races to the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, state Legislative Assemblies in India, and the workplaces of the President and Vice President in the nation. The Election Commission works under the specialist of Constitution and along these lines instituted Representation of the People Act. The Commission has the forces under the Constitution, to act in a suitable way when the authorized laws make lacking arrangements to manage a given circumstance in the direct of a decision. Being an established specialist, Election Commission is among the couple of foundations which work with both self-sufficiency and opportunity, alongside the nation's higher legal and later the UPSC.

Follow the following process to get registered online. After clicking the following option you will be directed to Online Registration. You are required to login as Citizen, click on Login button then click on New User Registration and follow the process.

More About : India is a Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic and the largest democracy in the World. The modern Indian nation state came into existence on 15th of August 1947. Since then free and fair elections have been held at regular intervals as per the principles enshrined in the Constitution, Electoral Laws and System.

The Constitution of India has vested in the Election Commission of India the superintendence, direction and control of the entire process for conduct of elections to Parliament and Legislature of every State and to the offices of President and Vice-President of India.

Election Commission of India is a permanent Constitutional Body. The Election Commission was established in accordance with the Constitution on 25th January 1950. The Commission celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2001.

Originally the commission had only a Chief Election Commissioner. It currently consists of Chief Election Commissioner and two Election Commissioners.

or the first time two additional Commissioners were appointed on 16th October 1989 but they had a very short tenure till 1st January 1990. Later, on 1st October 1993 two additional Election Commissioners were appointed. The concept of multi-member Commission has been in operation since then, with decision making power by majority vote.

The Commission has a separate Secretariat at New Delhi, consisting of about 300 officials, in a hierarchical set up.

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